The B&B in Italy

In Italy the first Italian to Bed & Breakfast to open were foreigners and they started their business in the early 90 's, but without great success due, perhaps, to a legislative vacuum. Only in 1997 that B&B activity has affirmed in Italy, especially the need to cope with the expected increase of tourist flow, during the Jubilee, through a simple and flexible formula, able to integrate without undue bureaucratic constraints extra-hotel accommodation. This formula has the advantage of allowing a rapid adaptation to situations of the traditional hospitality system with a different and flexible offer , capable to be adjusted to the routine periods without major setbacks, since the exercise does not require the use of specific resources, but the normal family organization. The only fulfillment that the first law required, in 1999, were the Declaration of commencement of the activity to the competent Municipality and the acquisition of prior consent from the residents’ meeting in case of dwellings with independent entry. The development spontaneous, not organized, of these little business is one of the first issues, inevitable, encountered in examining the features.

The lack of a unifying legislation at national level can impact, but does not constitute a major obstacle to the optimal development of the B&B, with minor differences between one region and another, is now definitely stating. In each region, in fact, already consolidated the development of the concept of quality-meant as differentiation, uniqueness, innovation capacity, tendency towards cooperation with similar enterprises, government agencies, local administrators and the idea of design, programming and organization of the enterprise itself, conceived within a territorial system.  

Simona, devout completely to the well-being of hers guests trying every day to make them living an unforgettable stay at the B & B Tre metri sopra il cielo, fulfilling,if possible, every request..